Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Traveled to the Future

I am trying to keep the the habit of updating this blog on daily basis so I do not get lazy and stop doing it but the past few days has been hectic with catching flights and stuff. I downloaded the blogger app for android so I'll probably have shorter and more frequent posts from now on. :)

San Fransisco's weather is amazing.

It was a foggy morning but it quickly dissipated.
Had a quick breakfast and soon headed to the SFO airport. Check-in and going throuhg TSA was busier than Fort Lauderdale Airport.

The SFO airport is gorgeous I love how they had these huge revolving doors. (wish I took pics)

NEVER EVER do currency exchange at the airport they rip you off so bad at rates lower than the average. Also they charge a fee as well. But I wasn't sure if I would need money right away when I arrive to HK so I exchanged 50 bucks.

Some pictures I took while I was at the terminal :)

The flight was super long but wasn't bad as they showed tv shows and movies and did not repeat. So everything was fresh. I got to watch the Disney movie Oz the Great and Powerful :D I had been meaning to watch that so it was nice that it was being shown on the plane. I was next to this nice Vietnamese guy on the plane and we ended up chatting near the end. He was apparently an engineer for gym equipment and lives in Seattle. I was reminded of my friend Katzy and remarked on how Vietnamese people in the US are usually engineers XD: 

The food on the plane wasn't that good-- think of TV dinners but not as good as the good ones but not as bad as the cheap banquet brands. lol 

My grandmother came and picked me up at the airport when I landed and we got on the bus to head home. It takes around 45mins to a hour from the airport to my grandmother's place. 

I was pretty tired at this point as I barely slept during the flight. When we got home to drop my things off we headed up to eat as my grandmother was hungry. We went to this Vietnamese fast food joint and the food was actually not that cheap and it wasn't as good. The Vietnamese restaurant me and my bf usually go to in Lauderhill is better and more authentic. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Journey of a Thousand miles. . . literally.

So I began my thousand mile journey yesterday with apprehension mixed with excitement.

I got to the airport early and I said my goodbyes. Checking in was fast and easier than expected (but then again this was a domestic flight, it might be more hardcore for international). I went through a machine that looked like a teleportation device which did a full body scan. It was actually pretty cool besides the radiation issues from being x-rayed like that. 

Terminal @ Ft.Lauderdale Airport waiting for flight. 

The DirectTV on flight was not working so the monitors nor music channels were not working. I was counting on that to entertain me for the 6 hour flight and I had nothing prepared for this scenario. So it was quite a slow and torturous trip.

For the next few hours I contemplated on talking with my neighbor but I didn't want to seem to forward so ended up pretending to sleep on and off. Eventually we did end up talking as she saw how bored I was and offered to let me read one of the magazines she finished. I gratefully accepted and it was the opening I needed to start a conversation up. I found out that her and her husband are from New Zealand and was traveling in the US from an incentive trip they won from their business.

When I landed, I quickly went to baggage claim and waited outside for my uncle. My TravelPro luggage was smooshed and stuff but it was still holding up well.

It dawned on me that asians sometimes cannot even tell themselves apart. lol. In California, especially the bay area there are a lot more asians then anywhere else in the country. So I had cars passing by in the arrival waiting area with drivers squinting trying to determine if I was the relative they are are supposed to pick up. I had the same issues too because I really did not remember how my uncle looked and as it's been years since I last saw him. I was actually afraid I recognized the wrong person and I was about to go home with the wrong person. lol. (It seriously could have happened)

Lonely Asian gentleman waiting for his ride @ SFO  Airport

San Fransisco's houses are pretty creepy as they follow the old style Victorian architecture/design. It does not help that it fogs up at night either.  I usually like modern looking houses more the ones you find in gated communities. 

Anyways early flight tomorrow gonna end it here for now :) Tomorrow off to Hong Kong!!! That's where the real fun and food pics begin wahahaha.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

New beginnings?

So this is probably my bajillionith attempt to start a blog and hope I get somewhere with it. Hopefully I do a better job at keeping this one active. *crosses finger* I decided to use Blogger over Tumblr/WordPress cause I had more confidence in Google lasting longer and Google owns Blogger.